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And here we are at the end of the road.

A couple of months have passed and not one post has surfaced on Underscored Publicity. Don’t feel bad, it wasn’t your fault. It was definitely on this end of the cyberspace. So let’s get down to business. *Be ready for a plethora of massive wordage. More than there has ever been on a single post ever. Don’t be afraid it shouldn’t take you nothing but three minutes to read.

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WeSC Headphones “The Wait”

The WeSC Headphones are great for many things – listening to your favourite music, keeping you entertained, making you look good – the list is pretty endless. The great things is, you can wear them a lot, all of the time if you feel like it. While you walk, when you dance, if you run, when you wait. Click to read more and to see why we haven’t seen each other lately.

Limited Edition Dr. Marten X Sanrio

Thursday’s Find: Dr. Marten X Sanrio Boot Celebrating 50 years of Dr. Marten and Hello Kitty the two culture enthused brands team up to bring you a rock steady boot and a classic Mary-Jane for Spring/Summer 2011. A collage of Sanrio favorites (Hello Kitty, Chococat, Badtz-Maru, etc.) are  compiled on both shoes. These are available … Continue reading

Coca-Cola Recycled Collection

A pop-up store full of recycled Coca-Cola products. Don’t you just love the idea? As there are more efforts into being more green why not be “red” with Coca-Cola. Go out and get that can that you just threw out and recycle and/or reuse. This all comes down to being innovative and trying new ways … Continue reading

“Hello, I Like You” by Mixtape Club

INSPIREDnation: Mixtape Club “Hello, I Like You” “Hello, I Like You” is a short film by Mixtape Club that simply portrays happiness. Surprisingly, I caught myself smiling throughout the video. I think there is something about “dancing inanimate objects” and music that triggers your brain resulting in a reaction to smile. Enjoy the video!

Lakai Limited Footwear| Judo

Thursday’s Find: Lakai Judo Looking for a great skate shoe? Visit Lakai and find the perfect fit. This week we came across the Judo Whites through an advertisement and it looked comfortable. The Judo design includes the ever popular vulcanized construction and a combination of suede and canvas upper.

Pen & Ink Artwork by Viz

Artist, Gregg Visintainer, has impeccable talent of pen and ink illustration. His work is full of life and color. Every piece has hidden pictures and words that embody the character of the artwork’s subject. Visit Viz’s website to see more.

Lauryn Hill at Coachella 2011

Raspy voice and everything, Lauryn Hill still sounds good and rocks the crowd. She hit us with some good ol’ Fugee classics too. There might be only but a few days to hours that this video will be available until the copyright thing goes through. Who knows? Anyway, take this chance and watch these last … Continue reading

Miracle “Better Dayz”

Friday Music Anthem: Miracle “Better Dayz” This came out a late last year and I instantly liked it. It just sounds good and has good vibes and all that good stuff. Miracle produced “Better Dayz” and recently is on tour with Busta Rhymes, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Bow Wow, and more well-known artists in Sydney, Australia. Better … Continue reading

PF Flyers| Drake

Thursday’s Find: PF Flyers “The Drake” The Drake is a low-cut chukka influenced shoe that comes in black and tan. The shoe accommodates a leather upper and Tristan print lining. They are available now at the PF Flyers online shop.