We Discover: uWall

There is always a new and innovative music sharing website and I came across one that really pushed the cut. UWall instantly creates youtube playlists of your favorite bands and artists. It is a great way to go back and reminisce on the music you grew up on. UWall introduces you to many artists that … Continue reading

Johnny Cupcakes pre-Valentine’s Day Release

We just can’t get enough of Johnny! It seems like we haven’t had a post Johnny Cupcakes-related in a while, but just in time for Valentine’s Day he dropped a few goodies yesterday. Remember these are limited edition so they sell out fast! Get them now!!

Thursday’s Finds: adidas Originals Whiz Baseball Jacket

The adidas Originals Whiz Baseball Jacket really has some pizzazz. With small but static detailing on the sleeves and extra side-back pockets, the jacket sets off as a must have. Designed in Japan by clothing brand Whiz, for Kazuki´s special ObyO line! Unlined baseball jacket, but in a very heavy 400gms loopback sweat fabric. Vintage … Continue reading

The Making of 2016 Olympics Rio de Janeiro Logo

Amazing how we just started a brand new year and already there is an official design for the 2016 Olympics. The Olympics will take place in Rio de Janeiro and the logo design has been fully established meanwhile criticized. Some call it plagiarism and unfair that Tactile Design Ideas has the winning logo design. The … Continue reading

Casa de Uno by Dear Architects

  Casa de Uno, designed by Dear Architects, was completed in 2009. With a visibly tough facade and quiet interior, Casa de Uno achieves the goal of combining “shelter and intimacy”. Located in Monterrey, Mexico the home is placed on the cornerstone of a long and narrow lot. The envelope recalls the notion of a … Continue reading

Thursday’s Finds: Origami Ghost Snapback

Origami Ghost launched this past October and it looks like it is going to be a lasting streetwear line with the use of traditional Japanese folk art, pop culture, and western style. Our featured product from Origami Ghost is their new snapback design. The snapback is to be released in OG’s Spring 2011 collection. Click the featured photo for more.

BiGR Audio | Collab Electronics Headphones

BiGR Audio presented by Collab Electronics teams up with big names in the street fashion scene. The collaborations include Black Scale, Crooks & Castles, and Hellz Bellz. Collab Electronics vision is to encourage sustainable products and eco-friendly packaging. The headphones come in a Bamboo Box with natural fiber for enhanced protection for headphone storage. Sustainability comes … Continue reading

Nike 6.0 iD Nation

NikeiD has announced their first installment of the iD Nation. The iD Nation includes the Nike 6.0 in which you can customize to your personal taste and show the world. iDNation is a community for creative individuals to get inspired, customize, and make some fans. Watch the video to see what iDNation is all about … Continue reading

We Discover: Playwho

“PLAYWHO is a social shop-marking service where people discover, recommend and share affordable products.”
If you want to find something new and fresh that meets your personal preferences then this is the place for you. Here you find other people’s interests of fashion, art, furniture, gadgets, film, and more. Click the featured photo for more.