WeSC Headphones “The Wait”

I know, I know. It’s been a while. With tests being taken, papers being written, and finals coming up, unfortunately the delay of Underscored Publicity posts have occurred. Then with the anticipated galore and/or grandeur of summer vacation and a giant break of school entities there will be nonchalant posts on UP(city) either weekly or bi-weekly if you all don’t mind. Anyway…

Here we bring you a feature that coincidently relates to how long you’ve been patiently anticipating something new to bring you all. WeSC has created another product video featuring their popular line of headphones.

The WeSC Headphones are great for many things – listening to your favourite music, keeping you entertained, making you look good – the list is pretty endless. The great things is, you can wear them a lot, all of the time if you feel like it. While you walk, when you dance, if you run, when you wait. That’s why we have decided to call this ‘The Wait’ – we’re slowing things down, settling in for a mellow pace and doing so with our WeActivists and friends.


Stay cool, calm, and collected.


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