And here we are at the end of the road.

A couple of months have passed and not one post has surfaced on Underscored Publicity. Don’t feel bad, it wasn’t your fault. It was definitely on this end of the cyberspace. So let’s get down to business. *Be ready for a plethora of massive wordage. More than there has ever been on a single post ever. Don’t be afraid it shouldn’t take you nothing but three minutes to read.

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INSPIREDnation: The Bicycle City (Trailer)

This is definitely “INSPIREDnation” worthy. The Bicycle City will be a featured length documentary film about how Pedals for Progress and founder David Schweidenback have been shipping used American bicycles to poverty-stricken Rivas, Nicaragua. Giving people the ability to help themselves is what this is all about. -David Schweidenback

While We Were Out

Spring break is now over. We relaxed, hung out with good ol’ friends, believe it or not exchanged business e-mails, and now it’s time for us to get back on our grind. As the title says “While We Were Out” the thought of having a link post would be a great idea. So here are … Continue reading

Spring Break Manifesto!

Spring is here and you know what that means…Spring Break! As “hardworking” college students, the time for rekindling social life, detachment from work, and taking all exciting opportunities is of essence. Plus there is spring cleaning that needs to be done. This includes emptying partially everything we’ve learned from the past first half of the … Continue reading

Collegiate Musical De-Stressors

Midterms are here and there’s studying that needs to be done. With that said here are a couple of videos that help you de-stress and get into the rhythm excellence. Don’t worry about the song “Stress” by Justice it actually can calm you down, believe it or not. Happy studying!    

Black “Infinity Piece” Re-Release

If you have missed out on the Black “Infinity Piece” today is the day for another chance to get yours. Levi Maestro never brings you down with the goodness. Check out the video to see sneak peeks of new colorways and additions. Hopefully he brings back the original Infinity Piece.

INSPIREDnation: Juan Rayos Longboard Videos

It’s all about the fun of freedom. These videos by Juan Rayos depict that. Based in Madrid, Juan shows the euphoria of the longboard/skate scene. Whether you’re a male or female skating is all about enjoying life. Watch these videos you’ll love them. Go out and have fun! The all girl crew gets really good … Continue reading

We Discover: Playwho

“PLAYWHO is a social shop-marking service where people discover, recommend and share affordable products.”
If you want to find something new and fresh that meets your personal preferences then this is the place for you. Here you find other people’s interests of fashion, art, furniture, gadgets, film, and more. Click the featured photo for more.

Levi Maestro X Shayan Afshar “Infinity Piece” Black

You’ve seen Levi Maestro’s gold-based Infinity Piece, now here comes the praised design in a new colorway. Maestro continues to work with Shayan Afshar to bring you the masterpiece in black. The watch-replicated bracelet is expected to be at a lower price than the first installment of the Infinity Piece. Available this December. Photo via Maestro … Continue reading

Underscored Back in Action

Been on a temporary hiatus (a week) to make this blog different from others that have similar content and haven’t found much to change. Underscored Publicity is trying to find a way to put more art and lifestyle and expand its horizon outside of the “hype” and  that’s not too cliché and whatnot. I’m surprised … Continue reading