Extracts of Local Distance

Who new  collage photography could be so complex? In a sense these collages are an organized mess. Countless fragments of existing architectural photography are merged into multilayered shapes. The resulting collages introduce a third abstract point of view next to the original ones of architect and photographer. Digital scans of analogue architectural photography form tiny pieces of … Continue reading

Casa de Uno by Dear Architects

  Casa de Uno, designed by Dear Architects, was completed in 2009. With a visibly tough facade and quiet interior, Casa de Uno achieves the goal of combining “shelter and intimacy”. Located in Monterrey, Mexico the home is placed on the cornerstone of a long and narrow lot. The envelope recalls the notion of a … Continue reading

CrossBox by CG Architectes

The CrossBox, designed by CG Architectes, built in 2009 is made of shipping containers that are placed crosswise. The containers form a “door-to-false floor” (by reflexdeco). The CrossBox is located in Pont Péan, France and includes greenroofs, a bold-colored exterior and interior, and what looks to be a wooden storage space. View the slideshow for … Continue reading

House in Paço de Arcos by Jorge Mealha

This house in Paço de Arcos, Portugal by architect Jorge Mealha, has a great sense of open space and circulation. The interior and exterior are white but do not give a bland look due to the use of reflected natural light. With a variety of walls and fences the residence is a fortress of its … Continue reading

South African Villa by Werner van der Meulen

This northern South African residence designed by Werner van der Meulen is a redeveloped old house. Couldn’t possibly see how that could be true; it looks like a brand new house built from the foundation up. The residence includes a small like riverbed, floor to ceiling windows, stair lighting, and outdoor living spaces. The interior … Continue reading

Concrete House II by A-Cero

The Concrete House II, designed by A-Cero, is a single family home located in Madrid completed earlier this year. A beautiful space that seems as if it is a wall itself due to the inclusion of vegetation and concrete. The Concrete House II is a great work, especially with the use of ground lighting and … Continue reading

Sun Cap House in Sentosa Cove, Singapore

Haven’t seen architecture like this, at least not that I know of. The window panels are what caught my eye. The Sun Cap House by Wallflower Architecture + Design is so serene. A little oasis of its own. Check out the slide show for selected photos. Via archdaily

OH House by Atelier Tekuto

How minimal can you get? The OH House by Atelier Tekuto from designer Yasuhiro Yamashita is a great example of minimalism for both the exterior and interior. The residence was to be built for a single parking space, believe it or not. Check out the slideshow for more views including the floating table in the … Continue reading

Dom Zlomu by Pauliny Hovorka Architekti

White is the theme for today. Here is beautiful architecture by Pauliny Hovorka Architekti in Slovakia. The house was designed based on the requirements of being a one-story house (no stairs) and the house accommodating maximum sunlight. The design started as an “L” shape then transformed by the pushing and pulling of walls making it an unusual … Continue reading

Haynes House in Beverly Hills by Steve Hermann Design

With floor to ceiling windows enabling you to have a perfect, clear view of the city and the feeling of being outdoors, the Haynes House has to be one of the best designs seen these year. Has a great combination of open space and a close-like family oriented mood. Visit Steve Hermann Design for more projects. … Continue reading