WeSC Headphones “The Wait”

The WeSC Headphones are great for many things – listening to your favourite music, keeping you entertained, making you look good – the list is pretty endless. The great things is, you can wear them a lot, all of the time if you feel like it. While you walk, when you dance, if you run, when you wait. Click to read more and to see why we haven’t seen each other lately.


WeSC Footwear Spring 2011 Video

You’ve seen Superlative Conspiracy’s teaser for their new footwear line. Now we would like to share with you the full video of the footwear phenomenon. A well done job, I have to say. We all want something. And we all work hard to get it. No matter what it is, what the purpose or the … Continue reading

WeSC X G-Shock Collaboration

A great collaboration by WeSC and Casio G-Shock.  The limited edition watch is part of the Green collection, which is powered by natural light and the packaging being 100% recycled. There are only 300 made at the cost of  200 € ($278.90) so get yours now!