While We Were Out

Spring break is now over. We relaxed, hung out with good ol’ friends, believe it or not exchanged business e-mails, and now it’s time for us to get back on our grind. As the title says “While We Were Out” the thought of having a link post would be a great idea. So here are some links to a few noteworthy and inspiring things that happened in the past week or so. We are now officially open and ready for semi-full-time posting (being “hardworking” college students and all) and we hope you enjoy it!

Origami Ghost released their Spring 2011 shirts and yesterday had a $20 sweatshirt and $10 t-shirt sale until midnight so hopefully you didn’t miss that. You can buy their Spring wear here.

Johnny Cupcakes also released some goodies including wrapping paper, card sets, and kitchen wear. Buy them and limited edition t-shirts here.

Maestro gave us a sneak peek for a new episode. Check it out here.

Fubiz gifted us by sharing the photography of Matthias Heiderich.

And for fun and all those math enthusiasts…it was Pi Day 2011. Check the video!

2 Responses to “While We Were Out”
  1. Babygirl says:

    Very nice post. I never heard of Johnny Cupcakes until reading this post, but I will say that place looks great. Thanks for posting this.

    • Johnny Cupcakes is actually a clothing brand. His products do confuse people. His Los Angeles shop even looks like a bakery with ovens and bakery displays.

      I can see how the wording of the post could get others confused. This will be fixed. Thank you for the comment!

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