Thursday’s Finds: Origami Ghost Snapback

Missed out on last week’s “Thursday’s Finds” or missed the lack of posts and features in general? Well don’t worry because Underscored Publicity is back on its postage grind as we look to develop it into something greater but by any further ado UP(city) brings you a small scoop of a pretty rad clothing line that was just discovered a few days ago.

This line is called Origami Ghost which is based in Canada led by two childhood friends. Origami Ghost launched this past October and it looks like it is going to be a lasting streetwear line with the use of traditional Japanese folk art, pop culture, and western style. All t-shirts are limited edition making each design extra special and more sought after. So with a small piece of background information from a second person perspective head on over to Origami Ghost for more and check out their current designs.

Now for what “Thursday’s Finds” is all about: our featured product from Origami Ghost is their new snapback design. All they are telling us is that the hat features “a two color logo design on the front of a super soft and textured Black Melton Wool Cap” and has “a ton of other extra features” and by the looks of it they executed the design and use of material very well. The snapback is to be released in OG’s Spring 2011 collection so be on the look out for that!

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