INSPIREDnation: WTF Series by Minga

The WTF Series by Minga, is a group of designers based in Argentina who combine. First thing that came to mind when I saw this was, “How come no one came up with this before?!” This is very creative and great use of media to broadcast the concept. I think it is really clever to put these prints on a poster. It reminds me of movie advertisements and entices me to want to view more. It has similarities to minimalism, less is more. And the inclusion of humor is a bonus, because everyone needs a laugh at times.

WTF Series is about things that happen to us while living a normal life… when you clearly don’t understand why those things happened! They’re usually out of the ordinary things that occur to all of us but are sometimes hard to believe. It began as an in-house joke here in the studio so we decided to make it a “Design Piece”. -Minga Creative Studio

Minga is currently working on WTF Series II. Sounds good to me!

Via Abduzeedo

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