Music Spotlight: Missy Elliott

She sings. She raps. She dances. She’s one of the best artists alive! With albums like (in no specific order) Supa Dupa Fly, This is Not a Test, Under Construction, Cookbook, and more, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott created numerous hits and classics and she won’t be stopped. The music she creates can be categorized as “one of a kind.” Her flow, her spirit, and her sense of “hot” brings music to a whole new level. Most of today’s music doesn’t even compare to Missy Elliot’s. This is good music and she should be celebrated and praised for what she does. I’m not going to act like I have heard all of her songs, because I haven’t but, I’m just saying open your ears to her music and embrace it. The above picture is when I first started hearing about Missy Elliott. Her style just made me want to listen to her music.¬†Personally I think that a new album needs to be put in process. Who knows…there just might be one in the works.

This day is dedicated to Missy Elliott music videos.


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