Underscored Back in Action

Been on a temporary hiatus (a week) to make this blog different from others that have similar content and haven’t found much to change. Underscored Publicity is trying to find a way to put more art and lifestyle and expand its horizon outside of the “hype” and  that’s not too cliché and whatnot.

I’m surprised by how many people have actually seen UP(city). Actually, I’m quite impressed. UP(city) must be doing something right. If you don’t know (you probably don’t), UP(city) is run by students who have a vast taste in media, music, art, design, architecture, fashion and everything in between. That is why Knock On Lumber was made…to show people personal favorites and interests. This is what UP(city) is all about (finding interesting/inspirational things that get people going or make us want to do our own research and not just jump into the hype) and we do this by blogging, which allows others to see where we are all coming from.

These blogs “Underscored Publicity and Knock on Lumber” is just an extension of character.

Everyone is their own person… “Everyone is a result from their environment.” -Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Believe that.

Follow Underscored People on twitter at UnderscoredPPL. We lost a few followers during our week-long break, but it’s no biggie.


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