Levi Maestro X Shayan Afshar “Infinity Piece”

Probably one of the most influential figures, Levi Maestro, has set a release date for his “Infinity Piece” collaboration with Shayan Afshar.  Tomorrow, September 15th at 10AM Pacific Time, you may order the limited edition design by phone (213-627-1271) for $350 and there is only twelve available for sale. Although categorized as a watch it is not a watch at all.

“I began this design with the intention to communicate that when I give my heart & my word to something, then my energy, my love, my mind, & of course my time become infinitely dedicated.  Juxtaposing the materials of a translucent plastic band and a casing with a custom made bezel completely emerged in rose gold resulted with very original & classic qualities. This piece is set to be a reminder that when you give your all to something, anything becomes achievable.”  -Levi Maestro

If this is your first time hearing about Levi Maestro, visit his site where he has his online show, Maestro Knows. You will not be disappointed.

Here are more views of the Infinity Piece.

2 Responses to “Levi Maestro X Shayan Afshar “Infinity Piece””
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  1. […] seen Levi Maestro’s gold Infinity Piece, now here comes the praised design in a new colorway. Maestro continues to work with Shayan Afshar […]

  2. […] If you have missed out on the Black “Infinity Piece” today is the day for another chance to get yours. Levi Maestro never brings you down with the goodness. Check out the video to see sneak peeks of new colorways and additions. Hopefully he brings back the original Infinity Piece. […]

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